breathing dominic abbatiello .sp
ain italy portugal ischia san pedro 1950 ilwu
cuba fallen angels rome gypsy once i
n europa the timid sang Gil Mares abstracts
photography on the waterfront spanish peru
.angels gate cities
of sails it's all rust Ellen.
.Medici walking rain dancing with shadows
april just one more two
.voices hair combed straight
no one else nothing
.owed so i can say four
...in the morning david mares a window seat
taken stones the nature of the silent
in a strange city between the acts
.jjapan the adjusting of wigs n peru
walking past V
ictoria i keep dreaming lost objects
how fast your heart a rough idea
.the return of memories
left behind robert inlow forms
.of the 13th hour open doors
in sevilla seen from above .
.daniel yu two voices absent light
shadows intruding caley inlow standing still.
.waiting in cold places
raising a mirror women of

glass Sam Kirszencwajg janurary's ghost

Les Demoiselles de San Miguel
.a concrete soul resting on steel